Florido is a blended first cold pressed, filtered, 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, and is our only oil to be made from two olive varieties! 


Characterised by its delicate fragrance, soft consistency and low acidity level, our Florido extra virgin olive oil is well balanced with bitterness and pungency, and characterised by a fruity intense aftertaste. 


Florido is extremely versatile and makes for a great general purpose extra virgin olive oil. If you’re holding onto the others for special occasions, then this is the one we would definitely recommend for every day!

Florido - 1 litre

SKU: 0004
  • Olives: Leccine & Nociare

    Tasting notes: Delicate and refined, with a mild almond flavour

    Fragrance: Medium fruity

    Food pairing: Dressings, sauces, roasted meats, grilled vegetables.

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