The Healthy Olive

‘The Healthy Olive’ was founded in 2019 by Andrew and Laura Graham.

We first tasted L'Acropoli di Puglia extra virgin olive oil on a trip to Puglia in 2018. We couldn’t believe how it tasted, like no other olive oil we had experienced before. When we asked if we could buy the oils in the UK, the owner, Vincenzo, told us he was looking for a UK distributor.

We returned in 2019 and asked the question ‘Have you found a UK distributor?’ When we heard that the answer was ‘not yet’, we decided on the spot to work with Vincenzo as the sole UK importer of his amazing oils and ‘The Healthy Olive’ was born.


We are both passionate about good food and the health benefits that eating non-processed, nutrient dense food can bring. We believe that by returning to simple foods and a life more in tune with nature, people can significantly improve their health and wellbeing. The research is all out there, and we want to be a part of the revolution!


We’ve discovered for ourselves the significant health benefits that can be achieved by enjoying a quality olive oil at the centre of daily nutrition and want to share this with others.


We have both recently stepped out of the corporate world and are excited to start our own entrepreneurial venture together. We got married in September 2019 (after Andrew proposed in Puglia in 2018) and set up the business soon after. We took our first shipment of olive oils in November 2019.

L'Acropoli di Puglia

The name ‘L'Acropoli di Puglia’ stands for heritage, quality and innovation. Here's Vincenzo to share the story behind the brand:


“We grew up in the shadows of olive trees. From 1889 to today, our family has been cultivating and caring for hundreds of olive trees, many of them centuries old, in the heart of Puglia. 

This heritage ensures an attention to detail that can’t be equalled by larger producers. We use traditional hand picking and hand sorting methods before the olives reach complete maturation. Only by starting from a high quality raw material we can produce such an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Our added value is that we own an olive oil mill - a semi-hypogeum. This guarantees immediate olive pressing, within 24-36 hours of harvesting, to preserve all the beneficial properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Cold pressing guarantees a product full of polyphenols that are so important for health and beauty.


The production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil both starts and ends within our company: a goal that has cost us hard work, but that has fully repaid the efforts. 


As well as the olive mill we also own our own bottling plant. This means that we can fully control the end to end process and ensure that at no point from crushing the olives to bottling does the oil go above 27 degrees C, a key condition to retain maximum polyphenol concentration. Additionally, by bottling within our own facility we ensure exposure to light and air is kept to a minimum. Light and air are a bitter enemy of the oil. 


There are two last steps: a dark glass bottle to further minimize light damage, preserving the oil in perfect condition, and a label that clearly tells the story of our prized Extra Virgin Olive Oil."

We hope you enjoy…