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Premium extra virgin olive oil from our artisan producer in Puglia, Italy. Fresh hand picked olives, stone milled slowly at low temperature. This is olive oil at its exceptional best, a taste experience like no other...

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Our Story

We first tasted these oils in Puglia in 2018 and brought a selection home to enjoy. Superior to anything we could find in the UK, we were keen to buy more. On learning that there was no UK distributor, we set up ‘The Healthy Olive’ to bring these incredible health giving oils to the UK, and are delighted to share them with you.




Olives: Coratina


Tasting notes: Fresh herbs, pleasantly bitter


Fragrance: Intense and fruity


Food pairing: Dressings for cold dishes such as salads, pasta salads, delicious drizzled over bruschetta

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Olives: Coratina


Tasting notes: Intense, fresh herb aftertaste


Fragrance: Delicately fruity


Food pairing: Drizzle liberally over bruschetta, salads, vegetables, roasted meats, soups, pasta, fava beans and chicory.

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Olives: Coratina


Tasting notes: Well balanced with bitterness and pungency, fine texture, sweet almond aftertaste

Fragrance: Delicate but intense


Food pairing: Delicate dishes, seafood, risottos

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Olives: Leccine & Nociare


Tasting notes: Delicate and refined, with a mild almond flavour

Fragrance: Medium fruity


Food pairing: Dressings, sauces, roasted meats, grilled vegetables

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